Stressed About Going Home for the Holidays?

Who’s excited to go home for the holidays? And who is totally freaked out? Maybe both? I hear you. Though the holidays can be a joyful and magical time, holiday stress is a very real thing.

One of my favorite quotes as of late is, “If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your family.” I love this quote very much because it reminds us that it’s our family who designed and installed our buttons — and they know exactly how and where to push them.

So, instead of going in to the holidays with the goal of trying to fix everybody, to prove to everybody what a success you are, or to try to get all that validation that we didn’t get when we were children, what if instead we used this holiday season as an opportunity to deliver love? I promise it’s going to make it feel better for you, and may even transform the behavior of those around you.

Check out my tips on how to negotiate your family time more elegantly this year.

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