Registration is now open for the spring 2017 zivaRETREAT.

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Graduates of the in-person Ziva Meditation course who have been meditating for 3 months or longer are invited to unplug for the weekend and dive into a spring renewal for body and mind. Do yoga in a barn, enjoy organic Ayurvedic meals, deepen your practice, and get body work so you come back refreshed and recharged. Join Emily Fletcher from April 28-30 at a beautiful farmhouse only 45 minutes north of New York City. The zivaRETREAT is offered twice a year. At this intimate gathering of only 25 meditators, you will experience zivaEATS in person, Emily will lead fireside lectures, and she will teach you advanced meditation (Rounding). A weekend of Rounding is equivalent to 6 months of twice a day meditation.

Watch the video below to see what people are saying from past zivaRETREATS:

The zivaRETREAT is an in-depth 3 day/2 night immersion into the most powerful healing tools available.

Bailey Farms sits on a charming 20 wooded acres with walking trails and a large pond. Whether you are looking to deepen your practice, uplevel your understanding of Ziva Meditation, or get out of the city to unplug, we have you covered.

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What’s included:

  • 3 days/ 2 nights all-inclusive
  • Private or shared rooms
  • Organic, vegetarian meals
  • zivaEATS Ayurvedic cooking workshop
  • Morning and evening group meditation
  • Practice Rounding: Industrial Strength Meditation
  • Bodywork session & Ayurvedic consultation
  • Outdoor pond and grounds lush with spring beauty
  • Daily yoga instruction, in a stunning barn
  • Nightly group lecture & chat with Emily

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Throughout this private retreat, we’ll take things to a whole new level while enjoying nature, eating ridiculously healthy, delicious meals, practicing yoga, sharing conversations, and experiencing deep rest.

It’s valuable, even at your busiest, to take regular breaks for cleansing and rejuvenating. You can use time away as a tool…

…to focus on yourself and your health
…to set intentions for the rest of the year
…to eat real food and get in touch with nature
…to find wisdom from teachers and encouragement from new friends

What is Rounding?

Rounding is the fastest, most powerful meditation technique we know. A weekend of rounding is equivalent to six months of daily meditation. Think of it as a recharge for your soul. Rounding releases old stresses lodged in the body. It is a more physical practice so it gets rid of old stuff the body has been holding.

Rounding consists of specific yoga asanas, pranayama breathing technique, meditation, and cosmic body technique, followed by deep rest. Benefits of Rounding include clarity of thought, increased energy, greater intuition, and extreme stress release.

Sample Schedule

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zivaRETREAT Leaders


Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of zivaMIND, the world’s first online meditation training. She’s a leading expert in the field who has helped over 4,200 people become self-sufficient meditators.

Emily discovered this practice during her 10 year career on Broadway which included roles in “Chicago”, “The Producers” and “A Chorus Line”. She experienced its immense physical and mental benefits during a high stress time in her career. Transformed by her practice, she traveled to Rishikesh, India to begin her years of training to become a teacher.


Kelsey Mathes

Kelsey Mathes joined the zivaFAMILY in 2012, and fell so in love with the practice that she recently completed a 15-month meditation teacher training with Ziva. She teaches meditation in New York and Chicago and is the coach for zivaEATS, Ziva’s Ayurvedic nutrition and wellness one-on-one program.

Holding a certification in holistic counseling from the Academy of Healing Nutrition, where she studied Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kelsey has continued to deepen her knowledge of both systems since graduating. Kelsey has helped hundreds of clients achieve their health goals through a holistic lens. Because of the personal attention, she keeps her client list limited so as to give each person her best.

Kelsey has assisted clients with a wide array of issues, including weight loss, headaches, migraines, muscle building, endometriosis, IBS, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, emotional eating and eating disorders. Kelsey can support you no matter your dietary preferences, from omnivores to vegans. In her sessions Kelsey focuses on building the ever fascinating connection between mind and body that is unique to each individual.

Becky Nadeu and Jamie Leal

Becky Nadeu and Jamie Leal live in Brooklyn, New York and are Acupressure (Marma) Practitioners. By pressing points on the hands, feet, belly, and face, Marma brings awareness to organs and glands that need healing, promotes communication within the body, strengthens bones and muscles, and improves circulation.

On top of offering Marma treatments, they also consult clients on a more balanced Ayurvedic menu that helps balance each body type. They have have just returned from India where they continued their training in Marma Therapy with Dr. Madhusudan Ray and continue to study in the states with Damian Hagglund.

3-Day zivaRETREAT

April 28-30, Bailey Farms, Ossining, NY

Check-in: Friday Apr 28 at 6pm
Check-out: Sunday Apr 30 at 6pm

Registration Closed
This exclusive retreat is limited to 25 participants.

This retreat is open only to graduates of the in-person Ziva Meditation course.

What People are Saying About the zivaRETREAT

  • "I enjoyed the overall emphasis on lifestyle, not just meditation. Having zivaEATS and Marma there really made it feel like I left with a lot of knowledge. Also, the people were amazing. I loved getting to open up and know people on a more “real” level."


  • "I attended the Ziva retreat to supercharge my meditation practice and learn about Rounding. And I have to say that it was everything that I could have hoped for! The beautiful, serene farmhouse setting was a perfect compliment to all of the inner work that we did during the weekend…and it was WORK! But the retreat provided such a safe and comfortable setting to delve into my deeper self. It was wonderful to meditate, laugh, eat delicious and healthy foods, meet likeminded people, learn how to better care for ourselves in every way, get out of the city and just generally unplug for a while. I would highly recommend it to ANYONE that feels any interest!"

    Erin M.

  • "I loved the nonstop offerings, the food, zivaEATS, and Veda 3, not to mention the awesome company. I think I reached a new level of surrender I had not previously tasted. And it is awesome."


  • "My favorites were the group meditation and the introduction to zivaEATS! I meditate alone predominantly, and I felt an amazing release from the group rounding and meditation. The setting was gorgeous and the food was amazing and powerful. Changing the way I eat was my biggest takeaway. My knee, which has bothered me for 3-4 years to the point of thinking I needed (another) surgery, is now almost to the no pain point now (even a week later). It is truly miraculous. Since I’ve been home I’ve not had caffeine or gluten or dairy. I’m slowly reintroducing foods so that I can really get an idea of what aggravates and causes inflammation for me. That was something I’ve literally dreamed about doing, and this retreat was a total “jumpstart” to my healthy eating and lifestyle. And to top it off, my knee feels so good I can really work out! YAY!!! So all the rounding, marma, group meditation and food was truly inspirational and transformational for me."

  • “I have more mental ‘space’ – instead of simply reacting to my life, I feel like I have more of a choice, and am more in control of how I act, think and even feel.”

    Olivia West
    Real Estate Agent

  • "First of all, Emily is just the best teacher you could hope for. She is equal parts calming and exuberant and just radiates positivity. So often weekends away feel like escapes from reality, and when you’re back in the real world you get a monster case of the Sunday blues. But after the retreat, I felt so ready to re-enter my daily life with newfound insight on how to better care for myself and to go about my life in a more thoughtful, charming way. And the people were so amazing! I can’t imagine a better group of kind, thoughtful people to spend such a transformative weekend with. I can’t wait for the next retreat."


  • "I really love talking about nutrition and food, so rehearing some things in zivaEATS and new stuff as well was great! I’m finally committing to living in the present and not worried about the shoulds."


  • "I am not someone who would ever go on a retreat, let alone a meditation retreat. I do love my meditation practice and have seen very legitimate changes in how I handle stress and life, so on the year anniversary of my meditation start, I thought I might as well try the retreat. I loved every second of it. Where I imagined very strange people getting very “feely” and ridiculous, I instead met 21 new friends from all walks of life. We did talk about real things, but it was inspirational and moving instead of corny. Part sleepaway camp for adults and a real recharging time, this was such a nice weekend away. The location is stunning, the food is delicious and the practice, people and of course Emily are really something not to be missed. Its like a detox, therapy, a reset and a quiet minute away, all mixed into one, and emerging from it more rested, less stressed and 21 friends richer was really worth it. I tried everything offered (weird because I have never been a joiner on any level) and left ready to take on the world, the city and life."

  • 3-Day zivaRETREAT

    April 28-30, Bailey Farms, Ossining, NY

    Check-in: Friday Apr 28 at 6pm
    Check-out: Sunday Apr 30 at 6pm

    Registration Closed
    This exclusive retreat is limited to 25 participants.

    This retreat is open only to graduates of the in-person Ziva Meditation course.