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Don’t be shy. Show some #zivaPDM (that’s Public Display of Meditation) on Instagram
to remind the world how transformational meditation is.

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  • A quick zivaPDM before giving a talk to the goodhellip
  • Grabbing a quick meditation in Times Square before a matineehellip
  • Blissing out with my bff Will! A little PDM athellip
  • Remembering that we are all the collective zivameditation yellowstonenationalpark meditationhellip
  • zivaPDM busy NYC moms practicing Ziva meditation at the Met
  • Getting up early and all this fresh air tires mehellip
  • Thank you for sending this to us Pattianne! Yup ahellip
  • zivaPDM in the superbloom!! levanahtarot heres to you reminding thehellip
  • So this is happening doglife cuddles mugsymeditates zivaPDM
  • When the party is just TOO good you stop drophellip
  • I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful inhellip
  • zivaPDM Morning Ziva daybreakers Flowers in Italy
  • Dear Humans we need more meditation rooms like this Ihellip
  • Were all busy But sometimes all it takes is ahellip
  • Not so public display of meditation I had the wholehellip
  • Afternoon meditation in one of the most beautiful places Ihellip
  • The goal of meditation is not to control your ownhellip
  • Vacation Meditation  zivapdm

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