zivaMIND Payment Options

What exactly will I get with zivaMIND?
You’ll choose which day you wish to begin. Each module builds upon the previous day’s training, to guide you through the program. You’ll get access to:
  • Eight 20-minute video trainings in the mornings
  • 10 minutes of homework each afternoon
  • 4 guided visualizations (zivaSLEEPS, zivaPERFORMANCE, zivaTRAVELS and zivaRELEASE) that can be downloaded to take with you on the go
  • 3 call recordings with Emily
  • A Meditation Calendar downloadable PDF, to help you make your practice a habit
  • Access to our global zivaMINDer community, to help you feel connected through your meditation journey.

Let’s compare a year’s worth of this:
  • payment-row3-img1
    Coffee = $730
    ($2 average cup of coffee, 1/day)
  • payment-row3-img2
    Ambien = $1460
    ($4/pill, 1/day)
  • payment-row3-img3
    Cigarettes = $416
    (1 pack a week at $8)
  • payment-row3-img4
    Therapy = $7800
    ($150 average therapy session, 1/week)
  • payment-row3-img5
    Alcohol = $1560
    ($10 average drink, 3 glasses/week)
$11,966 (per year)
$250 one time
with a practice to take with you for life

Ziva will teach you how to meditate in just a few minutes per day, over 8 days. You will have the practice to take with you, not for one year, but for life + you will have access to zivaMIND for the life of the program.