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In Person

Ziva Coast to Coast

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We offer the Ziva Meditation Course in both New York City and Los Angeles. Over four consecutive days, for two hours each day, you’ll learn the technique and graduate as a self-sufficient meditator.

Emily and our highly trained Meditation teachers will provide insightful instruction within an intimate group setting. Upon graduation, you’ll not only have the Ziva meditation technique for life, but exclusive access to our advanced offerings and ongoing support from Emily.

How Ziva Works


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Ziva at Your Fingertips

zivaMIND is the world’s first online meditation course. In just 8 days, Emily will help you relieve stress and create a sustainable meditation practice for life. All you need is 35 minutes each day, a comfortable seat and an internet connection to access bliss.


Ziva On Your Schedule

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Our Private Course can be tailored to your schedule and needs. Interested in having a group of your friends learn together? Perhaps you would like to learn meditation with Emily in the comfort of your own home? We can make it happen. Simply email info@zivameditation.com to let us know how you would like to learn.

Or, if you’d like to work on a specific challenge, Emily offers 1-hour Private Sessions in-person at Ziva, or from anywhere via phone or Skype. Learn more here.


Ziva at Work

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Let Ziva help your team integrate meditation with their worklife to up-level company performance and productivity. Emily’s high-performance background and intensive meditation training make her teachings perfectly suited for busy professionals.

We’ve brought our Corporate Course to innovative companies such as Google, Viacom, Barclays Bank and sweetgreen to benefit both bottom lines and personal lives.


One-on-one Ayurvedic Nutrition Coaching

Think of zivaEATS as Ayurveda 101. Ayurveda is the sister science to Vedic Meditation. It balances your mind, your digestion and your body by using food, exercise and meditation as medicine. Our body is a chemistry set; every bite of food and every thought we think affects its chemistry.

In this new one-on-one coaching program you’ll learn how to eat for your personal body type and your health and weight goals. You’ll discover how delicious seasonal eating can be, the best times of day to eat for optimal productivity, and how your food can take your meditation to a whole new level. You’ll get suggestions for shopping and eating out, and a personalized recipe packet for your body type.

Meditation Teacher Training

Are you interested in learning how to teach this powerful practice? Ziva offers offering a comprehensive 15 month teacher training. You will be guided through a personal and professional transformation as you take time to do deep inner work and dive into the origins of this practice. There will be a combination of retreats, home study, apprenticeship and academic work. We will meet twice a month. All Ziva teacher trainees attend a retreat in India. Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation, will be leading this intensive journey. Emily has taught over 1700 students to meditate in person and brings her lifetime of performance training to her teaching style to make it fun, elegant and engaging.



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Learn to release deep-rooted stress within the body through the union of Yoga + Meditation. Or, as we like to call it, “industrial strength meditation.”

Recommended for meditators with 3+ months of practice, Rounding deeply relaxes and rejuvenates the body. After the 2-hour intensive workshop—which blends yoga asanas, pranayama breathing, meditation, visualization and savasana—we’ll provide a take-home program to incorporate Rounding into your existing meditation practices.

Complimentary sessions are available to those who have already learned Rounding.


Exploring the Veda 1-6

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Thom Knoles is one of the world’s foremost teachers of the Veda (i.e. that ancient body of knowledge that provides the foundation for Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, meditation and the whole of Indian philosophy).

A former student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Thom has a PhD in neuroscience so his interpretation and explanation of the Veda is a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western philosophy. In Exploring the Veda, with its beliefs in universal truth and consciousness, you’ll deepen your meditation practice and relationship with nature.

Suitable for meditators with 3-6 months of practice, consider this the software upgrade to your hardware overhaul. Each lecture is offered in a semi-retreat style, over one weekend.

Must take each lecture in order to complete the series.



Twice a year.

Refresh, rejuvenate and up-level your practice away from New York City. This weekend happens twice a year in the upstate area, so you can unwind and unplug through Ayurvedic cooking, yoga and deep-meditation classes.

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The zivaRETREAT is open to those who taken the 4 day Vedic meditation course.


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