Corporate Meditation Training In New York

Want to bring Ziva Meditation to the workplace? You will be in good company,
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Meditation Uplevels Productivity

Meditation is a powerful stress relieving technique that delivers rest up to 5 times
deeper than sleep. It gives you access to a verifiable mental state where the right and left brain work together,
allowing you to utilize your full creative problem solving potential, even in high demand situations. It is
scientifically proven to increase productivity and decrease stress.

The Science

  • Productivity

    When the body is in “fight or flight” mode, mental capacity decreases. Meditation reduces stress and allows you to perform at the top of your game.

  • Stress

    Harvard researchers estimate that 60-90% of doctor’s visits are caused by stress. Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool available by natural means. Getting stressed is not bad for you, staying stressed is toxic.

  • Depression/Anxiety

    45% of women in the US take anti-anxiety or anti-depressants. JAMA Internal Medicine found that meditation helps heal depression and anxiety about as effectively as antidepressants. It floods the brain with dopamine & serotonin. 1


    In a recent study of meditation for people with ADHD, 78% of participants reported a reduction in total ADHD symptoms, with 30% reporting at least a 30% symptom reduction. For adults, significant reductions in depressive and anxiety symptoms were reported. 2

Meet Emily

Regarded as a leading expert in meditation, Emily has been invited by many innovative organizations like Google, Barclays Bank, sweetgreen, Harvard Business School and Viacom to help up-level company performance through meditation.

Emily was inspired to become a meditation teacher after experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits it provided her during her 10- year career on Broadway. She has helped NBA players, Oscar, Grammy & Tony award winning performers, hedge fund managers and entrepreneurs access their full potential through Ziva Meditation. She specializes in making meditation accessible and attractive, so your team will have less stress, better performance, and ultimately a better life.

Corporate Success Stories

Corporate Packages

90 Minute Intro to Meditation

  • Detailed introduction to meditation talk including:
    • The mechanics of meditation
    • Where this practice comes from & what makes it so powerful
    • Right Brain vs. Left Brain
    • Where did ‘fight or flight’ come from?
    • Correct posture
  • Breath and Relaxation exercises for the desk
  • Guided visualization
  • Q & A
  • Participants receive a 25% discount on the full 4-day Ziva Meditation course at Ziva


Full 4 day Ziva Meditation Course

This is the only meditation course you will ever need. Participants will graduate expert meditators with access to a lifetime of follow up. Benefits include increased productivity and creativity. Decrease in sick days and alleviation of jet-lag, insomnia, and anxiety.

Course features:

  • Intro to Meditation talk for entire company
  • 4 sessions ~1.5 hours each day
  • Participants receive their own mantra
  • 1 follow up session
  • Lifetime of follow up at Ziva


Do you come to our office? Or do we come to you?
We can come to you or we can use our meditation studio in Soho if you prefer to step away from distractions.

How should we set up the room for the talk / course?
You simply need a place for everyone to sit with their back supported and head free. Plain folding or office chairs are fine. If you can arrange the chairs into a big semi circle, that is preferred, but rows of chairs work too.

What methods of payment to you accept?
We accept cash, check, credit card, and PayPal.

What do you mean by “lifetime of follow up”?
In addition to group meditations at Ziva, each participant will have access to attend the full course again as a refresher anytime it is offered at Ziva.

This video is the first step towards learning how to bring Ziva Meditation to your company. Emily will cover where this practice comes from, what makes it so effective, and how the course works. Please watch it in its entirety, as the video will provide you with all of the information you will need to make a clear and informed decision about whether you want to invest in the practice for your company.

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